Speed up your publications with Anewex

Anewex offers a full range of pre-submission manuscript preparation services to help you maximize the impact of your research and improve the quality of your manuscript.

Whole manuscript writing 

Our PhD-qualified life and health science writers will draft or rewrite from your draft writing mainly health-related and biology topics including manuscripts, reports, assignments mainly on (molecular) biology, cancer research, biochemistry, natural product research, pharmacology, genetics.

Cover letter writing

As the first point of contact with journal editor, it is vital that your cover letter makes a good and lasting impression. Writing an effective cover letter requires certain technique, and our science writers understand how to identify and emphasize the key points of your research – why it was conducted, what your discovery was, and why it is relevant – before explaining to the journal why they should be publishing your work. Simply send us your work, and our writers will draft a cover letter addressed to the journal of your choice, thus starting you on the path to publication.

Reviewer Response Writing

Responding to peer reviewers’ comments can be difficult, so let Anewex do that hard work for you. Our writers know what a reviewer needs to hear in a response, so just simply send us your manuscript and the reviewers’ comments, and tell us how you have addressed the concerns raised. Our science writers will then formulate full and articulate responses to the reviewers, explaining in a clear and concise manner how their comments have been received, and how your paper is now ready to be published.