English editing

Anewex offers a full range of pre-submission manuscript preparation services to help you maximize the impact of your research and improve the quality of your manuscript.


Manuscript Editing Service 

Our PhD-qualified science editors specialize in editing texts written by non-native English speakers. Whether you intend to send us your original research article, grant application, reviewer response letter, or even your thesis, our editors will edit your work in a way that the most important and salient points are expressed in a clear and scientific manner. Every paper we edit is checked again for errors by our in-house English proofreaders and linguist.

Journal selection service

Unsure which journal to send your paper to? There are thousands of journals ranging from specialized journals that publish in niche areas to interdisciplinary journals that publish across a wide spectrum of subjects and attract broad interest. Where you submit your paper is critical not alone in determining whether your paper will be accepted for publication, but also in determining its impact among your peers and colleagues. Therefore, the choice of where to submit your manuscript deserves careful consideration. 

Pre-peer Review

Pre-peer Review provides you with an opportunity to obtain feedback on the overall quality of your paper before you submit it to a journal for publication. Like peer-reviewed, your paper will be evaluated by an expert reviewer who has worked close to or within your field of research. Along with a full, comprehensive edit of your paper designed to improve readability and logical flow, the reviewer will provide you with a detailed report on the validity of the science, originality of the work, suitability of the design and methodology, robustness of the data, and suitability of the work for the target journal. Our reviewers identify major and minor issues with the manuscript, thus allowing you to address them before the journal peer reviewers see them.

Price: ¥5 / word