Questions about service content and implementation system

What are the contract fields with particularly high technical capabilities?

We are good at the fields of cell testing and molecular biology testing. Many postdoctoral researchers with a long research background are enrolled, so please feel free to contact us for standard to atypical exams.

Is it possible to handle other than standard tests?

Yes. Custom-made tests including examination of test systems are also possible.

I have a test purpose, but I don't know the specific test method. Even in that case, can you get a contract consultation?

Yes. Please tell us your desired content and test purpose. After our postdoctoral researcher asks for details, we will prepare a project proposal. We will discuss the contents of the plan and decide the test system.

Do you have instrumental analysis training services or specialized consulting services?

We do not currently provide instrumental analysis training services. Consulting is available at the Development Center as well as at our Research Center. Please feel free to contact us.

Is there an on-site contract service?

Yes, there is. Please contact us for details.

Is it possible to visit and tour the research center?

Yes. Please contact our research center with your desired date and time.

Can I rent the equipment of the research center?

No, we do not rent equipment at our research center. However, it is possible to temporarily bring in the equipment required for the test and use it in the research center.

Can you transfer the experimental technology of the requested test?

Yes. It is possible. The person in charge of the experiment will be in charge of the technical transfer.

Questions about equipment / equipment

Do each research center operate independently?

No. Each research center is proceeding with the test in cooperation with each other according to the content of the test.

Please tell us about the facilities and equipment of the Research Center.

We have basic equipment for conducting tests related to cell biology and molecular biology. We use public institutions for chemical analysis equipment such as mass spectrometers. If you would like detailed information on the equipment, please contact us.

Questions about contracts, etc.

Please tell me how to proceed from examination consultation to contract.

For details, please refer to “Contract u0026 Business Flow” on the homepage.

Please tell me about the handling of intellectual property according to the test results.

Basically, all experimental results are your property. Intellectual property agreements can be found in nondisclosure agreements or basic agreements.

I don't understand the difference between an FTE (full time equivalent) contract and a milestone contract.

Under the FTE contract, we will match the most suitable researchers according to the content of the customer’s consultation, and will carry out and manage the test exclusively. (It is also possible to assign a leader-class researcher according to the content of the project.)
In addition, if a wide range of specialization is required, it is possible for two people (0.5 man-hours, etc.) to take charge of one man-hour contract.
For cases where there are many test items and man-hours, an FTE contract that allows continuous testing is suitable.
Milestone contracts, on the other hand, set medium goals to achieve the ultimate goal and are tested intermittently.
Depending on the achievement status of the target, it is possible to increase or decrease the number of working days and personnel, cancel the contract, etc.
Milestone contracts may be useful when the number of test items is small, the next test depends on the previous results, or the test schedule is expected to have a long waiting time. For details, please refer to “Contract u0026 Business Flow” on the homepage.

Questions about conducting the test

We are considering contracting cell experiments. Do I need to supply a stock of cell lines to use?

It can be supplied by the customer or purchased by us. However, for condominium cell lines from ATCC, a commercial license will be issued if we purchase them for contract testing purposes. Therefore, when using these cell lines, we ask our customers to purchase them and supply them to us. For us, these cells are cell lines for which a commercial license is generated, so we will either discard them at the end of the test or return them if you wish.