Contract / business flow

Contract period and contract type can be selected according to the purpose and budget

Contract period

~ 3 months

Spot type

We will conclude a contract for each customer’s request and carry out the business according to the delivery date. 

3-6 months

Milestone type

For complicated themes, you can set milestones for each R & D stage in advance and decide whether or not to renew the contract for each phase. It also reduces the initial investment amount and also helps avoid risk in the event of an unexpected result and interruption.

6 months or more

FTE (Full Time Equivalent) type

We will secure the required number and period of our researchers according to the volume of work when long-term themes that require a certain period of time or spot contracts frequently occur. Efficient research can be carried out by eliminating the need for procedures such as examination of quotation contents, ordering, and contracts, and the contract amount is clarified in advance, making cost management easier.

Contract type | Upon request, you can choose from two types of contracts, a contract contract and a quasi-delegation contract.

Contract contract

It is a contract aimed at completing the contents agreed in advance.
We will take responsibility for defect warranty on the deliverables.
* Suitable when it is necessary to secure a certain amount of final deliverables.

Semi-delegation contract

It is a contract aimed at carrying out the process agreed in advance. Since the process itself is the purpose, we do not guarantee the delivery of the expected deliverables.
* Suitable for demonstrating and examining the expected process.


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